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Building relationships of understanding, care and reciprocity between the design community and the traditional, indigenous communities around the world, to support ecological and just futures in design and beyond.
Pictures of ancestral traditions from our partners

The importance of ancestral worldviews and way of living

Indigenous communities constitute only 6% of the global population, steward up to 80% of the world's biodiversity.

Worldwide, there are many traditional cultures that prioritise a relationship of respect and mutualism with nature and people.

Regrettably, the lives and cultures of these communities have been pushed to the brink of extinction and are continuously endangered, due to acts of systemic racism, oppression and climate change. 

Design Reparations builds a global support networks of skilled designers, ready to support indigenous communities and their causes, and open to learn their ancestral way of living.

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Ancestral knowledge offers learning systems, sciences, and practices that contribute to co-creating a future that benefits all beings.

Join Us!

You are representative of a indigenous or traditional community, you can join Design Reparations to:

  • Share and bring awareness about your community's invaluable knowledge

  • Find support and potential alliances for community causes and projects.

  • Connect with kindred spirits committed to live in peaceful co-existence.

Pictures of recent projects from our partners
Poster with a natural landscape and a title "Design for Sustainability"

Designing the future that we want

Designers that want to contribute to more ecological and just futures struggle to find the opportunities to support worthy causes. At the same time, despite having a lot of positive intentions, Design is still relying on unsustainable practices, created in the context of industrial exploitative systems.

There are still insufficient practical opportunities to question mainstream design practice,  get in touch with different worldviews and support meaningful causes.

Designers that are truly committed to creating ecological futures have the opportunity to get in relationship with people from ancestral communities around the world, learn their way of living and designing, re-discover practices that may belong to their own ancestors and traditions, while working on practical causes that support the existence and thriving of these communities. 

Join us!

If you are a designer committed to ecological futures you can join Design Reparations to:​

  • Support indigenous and traditional communities causes

  • Learn ancestral knowledge to support your design practice

  • Meet like-minded people, working on collective ecological futures

Designers want to work on meaningful futures and learn ecological design practices.

Design Reparations is a unique form of collaboration between designers, indigenous and ancestral knowledge holders, design institutions and companies.


Ancestral knowledge holders guide designers in the way of living and designing of their communities.

Designers, in the spirit of reciprocity, lend their skills to causes in support indigenous communities existence and culture.


Decolonising design practices

The academic world has been recognising the importance of decolonisation and indigenisation, but what opportunities do students have to learn first-hand from ancestral knowledge holders? And what if they could use their time in school to work on causes that would support the very communities they can learn from?

Design institutions have the opportunity to host, sponsor and support Design Reparations and explore how decolonisation looks like in practice.

Picture of a few people sitting with their notebooks on their laps

Join us!

If you are a design institution committed to decolonisation, you can join Design Reparations to:

  • Create the opportunity for your students to learn from ancestral and indigenous people

  • Put decolonisation in practice

  • Explore more possibilities of research 

  • Meet like-minded people, working on collective ecological futures

Design Institutions have an important role in the adoption of decolonised practices.

Supporting decolonisation via design

Companies committed to a just future, can join Design Reparations by supporting its efforts and inviting their designers to participate.

Design Reparations offers the opportunity to heal relationships with communities around the world, especially when these communities have been negatively impacted by the company's operations in the past.

Join us!

If you are representing a company committed to a just ecological future you can join Design Reparations to:

  • Join an equity driven organisation

  • Support young designers and students discovering more equal and eco-centric practices

  • Engage your workforce in the program

  • Meet like-minded people, working on collective ecological futures

Companies can be the catalysers of positive change